About theLUGA

We are company named “The Luga”. It is a small business which was established in early 2019. The company is based in Europe. This is a Start-Up business.

I deal manly with printing t Shirt. I believe that the cloth you wear should tell a story or tell about you, your personality, your taste, your likes and many more. I always like to wear a T-shirt with nice design, quotation, proverb, saying. I specialize on t-shirt printing with silhouette design and printing quotation, proverb, saying. I want to grow my business slowly “one step at a time” and in future I want my business to turn into a clothing brand specialised in t-shirt. Due to my interest towards t shirt, I started this business. Since it is a start-up business, I am looking forward for your support. Feel free to contact to know more about my business. I am always open for feedback and opinions.

Thank You!


I offer custom service such as, Colour design. If you have something in mind, then you can e mail me.


If the item is unused and you have changed your mind, then I can substitute the product. But, you have to pay the Shipping charge for both ways.


If you accidentally entered the wrong address when filling out your transaction do not panic! Please contact me and let me know you need the shipping address to be changed. Please make sure i get back to you confirming that I received the address change request.


If the product is damage or not as shown in the picture, then you can return the product.